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Natural traffic

Increase your qualified leads with our websites! Use our banners to get noticed, gain recognition with Google news, improve your reputation with our rankings, and much more.


SEO Content

Boost your natural referencing with SEO! From a simple SEO-optimized article to the creation of an editorial strategy and planning, take advantage of our recognized expertise. Focus on long-term growth by reducing your acquisition cost per customer.


Buy Links

Boost your page’s ranking in the Google SERP with quality links to your content! +12,000 sites available, covering all themes including: casino, pharmaceuticals, trading, insurance, banking, etc.

Press releases in Google News

Do you need visibility to inform future customers and partners about the development of your company or services? Publish your Press Releases to appear in Google News for Maximum Reach!

Send us your press release, or let us write and optimize it before publishing it on our news sites, which are relayed by Google News!


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SEO Article Writing

Why choose BK SEO?

Let a team of highly qualified specialists support you, with a proven track record of managing sites with millions of natural traffic hits! We’ve done it for others, why not for you?

Rank #1 in Google with SEO

With 90% of all clicks, the first Google page is essential for your company’s growth! Our team can optimize your site’s natural referencing and position you on the best keywords in your niche thanks to SEO.

Optimize your natural referencing

Accustomed to working on niches with competitive keywords (such as trading, the stock market and crypto), our teams can optimize your site’s natural and organic referencing by implementing a complete editorial strategy in addition to writing SEO articles.

SEO specialist France

Le SEO en France est l’un des plus compliqués au monde pour les niches les plus lucratives ! Avant d’être des experts du référencement naturel, les fondateurs de BK SEO sont des experts du marché français ayant fait leurs preuves sur l’une des niches les plus compétitives : le trading ! Transformant des sites inconnus en références francophones en moins de 3 ans grâce au SEO !

Our SEO Expertise at Your Service


SEO strategy

Let us create a complete SEO strategy for you, including a customized editorial calendar! We take into account 3 essential elements: your niche, your lead acquisition channel and the themes most conducive to rapid referencing.


SEO copywriting

A team of SEO specialists to create optimized content for your natural referencing. Our copywriters are familiar with competitive keywords and are native French speakers. We also have English-speaking copywriters for international sites.


SEO optimization

Do you already have a mature, Google-referenced site, but its natural referencing is weak? Our team of SEO experts can optimize your site’s content to maximize its visibility on Google and lead generation for your sales force!


YouTube referencing

Maximize your visibility and become a must-see with your video content! Thanks to our SMO expert, take advantage of a complete strategy to establish yourself as a reference in your niche on YouTube, and convert your video traffic into leads!


Semantic Cocoon SEO

Don’t have a website yet? Thanks to our semantic cocoon, you’ll benefit from: a complete SEO strategy, a complete list of all SEO articles to be published with keywords and meta title & meta description, an editorial calendar with an order of priority, a url structure for all articles published on your site, the different sub-niches and categories to be covered… A real roadmap to follow from A to Z for a well-referenced site that’s ready to generate revenue!


Branding strategy

Enjoy real brand power with SEO branding for recognizable content: customized branding for your brand, a color code/pattern for all your communication media (website, social networks, infographics, YouTube or podcast coverage, etc.). Become instantly recognizable and set yourself apart from the competition once and for all!

Our team

Founder & President

Cristina Balan

Technical SEO Manager

Pierre Perrin-Monlouis

Editorial Manager

Mamisoa Fitahiana

Cristina Balan has been an SEO expert since 2016. She has managed multilingual sites with several million 100% natural traffic thanks to SEO and generating over 12 million euros in annual revenue in ultra-competitive niches!

A true expert in Technical SEO since 2016, Pierre Perrin-Monlouis has optimized sites with millions in natural traffic. He has also specialized in SMO, applying SEO to YouTube channels that have reached over 70k subscribers!

A specialist in SEO content creation, Mamisoa Fitahiana manages a team of +40 writers capable of adapting to any SEO niche to rank at the top of the Google SERP.

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